Type:  Feature / Documentary

Director:  Raffaele Passerini

Country:  Italy

Runtime:  01:15:00

Production Year:  2018

Production Budget:  --


Warning: This film is designed for those people who have failed at least once in their lives. Dario, the Prince, and Maury, the Countess, are two actors rejected by the academic theater and cinema, so, they decide to transfer their imaginary stage on the gay nudist beach of Capocotta, near Ostia, Rome. In a world obsessed with reality shows, the Prince and the Countess are here, on this very beach, free to be the absolute protagonists of their improvised sketches, a magical and safe place, where life mixes with art and creativity becomes an antidote to an absent audience. Until one day a director comes, and the shooting of the film can begin. Failure becomes a parody that can make, anyone who wants to join, a Prince or a Countess, at least for a day. About the project The Prince is an experimental work with a folk and a kitsch taste. Its music touches upon Pop, Disco, and Electronic rhythms, featuring unreleased songs by Rossano Baldini and the Raffaele Passerini, who co-authored and sang some of the tracks. These original songs play aside some iconic Italian and international tunes by Antonello Venditti, Pierangelo Bertoli, and Gala. This ultra-low budget movie received three awards at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, starting an unexpected tour throughout Italy since January 2018.


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