About Collateral 102

A team that loves international films

Systemout is a cultural association whose aim is to divulge art, in its every form or subject, on the territory. There is no preclusion. We organise film events in order to guarantee visibility to the author and to his works. In the last few years, we have created several interesting cultural events, such as OIFF Turin Cine Fest, which is dedicated to movies only, and Filmmaker Day, which addresses both movie and photography with real exhibitions.

COLLATERAL 102 festival will finally allow us to promote the spread of international cinema in the city of Turin.

Turin is an Italian town with a population of about 900.000 people. Along with Venice and Rome, Turin is considered a place in which cinema plays an importan role. The number of cultural events in the city increases year by year and this contributes to its worldwide reputation as an artistic place par excellence.
COLLATERAL 102  festival comes from the support of different associations that love art with no boundaries or inhibitions. COLLATERAL 102 festival addresses to short and feature films, documentaries and animated films from all over the world.

Our goal is to make COLLATERAL 102 a meeting place for directors, producers, actors and actresses, distributors and the crew in general, those who see Turin not only as a fascinating town but also as a place of great opportunities for art circulation.