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We can still be friends

An urequited love for a friend grows out of control.
An intimate look into processing emotions through the lens of BPD.


Callie, an unemployed young woman living with her controlling mother, is looking for a way out through the glittery yet cruel YouTube beauté universe. She will go beyond her limits to please her handful of subscribers while keeping up a smiling face and maintaining a perfect image.


In the capital of El Salvador, the drivers of a bus, a taxi, a minibus and a private car confront the ravages of 12 years of civil war that continue to torment the country.

Terra Nova

Manaus, Brazil. April 2020. Karoline is a theater actress that goes to a bank to request her COVID’s assistance check. She is accompanied by her sister who’s trying to get her job back.

GAL 9000 (a set odyssey)

Boldizsár CR teams up with Pier Fioraso and Premier Model Management for this new fashion film, entitled GAL 9000 (a set odyssey). The film depicts a subjectively dark, jaded view on the everyday life of the new face model in the big, cold city. At the (bad) start of a typical rainy London day, models appear to be missing each other and even find themselves followed by a mysterious, shadowy figure. Haunted by inner voices similar to Kubrick’s HAL 9000 in Space Odyssey, a chaotic fashion shoot unfolds.

This film plays with merging subjective realities and daydreams with the often not-so-glamorous reality of being on set. Unlike what’s shown in the movies, many times, this means being in competition with strangers and submitting to demanding people who act as bosses in a chaotic environment with dubious results. And, of course, nobody remembers anyone else’s name. All hail the stamina and bravery of models! However, interestingly enough, all voiceovers for this film were generated online so any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Soutien de Famille

Soutien de Famille is a cinematographical essay based on the artistic project Hogshead 733 that includes a journey, a sea adventure, a story of heritage, friendship & whiskey. The process follows the restoration of a typical 1941 wooden fishing boat, her last 733 miles sailing journey, and the final transformation of the boat, soaked with sea and adventure into two whisky barrels. Every specially chosen stage gives a possibility to research the poetics of specific manual labor expertise: boat building, sailing, barrel making, and whisky production.
A journey from Trebeurden Brittany to the island Islay in Scotland was undertaken with 20 stops en route, from 23 August until 21 September 2015.


A child is being tormented by a voracious well demanding food from him. But as he proves unable to satisfy its hunger, he drags himself to find another way of feeding it.

Dark Room

Dark Room is a reflection about relationships. The hero of this project revisits some old photos and start to be hunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. The film also talks about how memories and photographies might not show what really happens between couples. In other words, Happiness does not exist without sadness and sadness does not exist without happiness.