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Bavaria 1866. Alois has lost his will to live, marked by the brutal fights of the war, and shuts himself away from the outside world into the cold mountains. When the deserted Friedrich steals his life’s savings, Alois’ spirits are revived. He hunts down the Prussian through the cold and rough mountain landscape. When Alois finally catches him, three bandits cross their way. This situation forces the enemies to stick together and a fight for justice and trust arises between the two men.


Activist and atheist all his life, Bob though asked to be burry religiously, which disrupts a lot his three children Emilie, Lucien and Benoît, but delights his sister Nicole. How to say goodbye with codes that aren’t yours ? How to share mourning ? How to share the deceased ?


The young Iranian woman had not been expecting this kind of examination. She only wanted to renew her driver’s license, but when the officials noticed a scar on her wrist and her tattoo, they began looking at her with suspicion. Suddenly she is trapped, forced to answer personal questions and exposed to insinuations. The camera captures the growing uneasiness with clinical precision.


Marie is eight years old and loves her dad. In a world where playful dreams can suddenly turn into empty eyes that don’t seem to see her, she tries to stand her own. A story about the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her father.


58BPM is a documentary featuring athletes Maëlle Frascari, Mattia Migliorini and Laura Rogora. The story starts from the lockdown of March 2020 up to the first day of the return of the protagonists to the natural elements connected with their sport: rock, wind, water. The narration is supported by the interventions of the writer Paolo Cognetti.

OLD HAG (Vieille Peau)

While his wife believes him at a corporate seminar in Paris, Jean-Luc is sitting in a boat moving in the bayou somewhere in Louisiana. He has an appointment with the voodoo wizard Richardson. This wizard is known for solving all the problems.


Logline: In this lonely contemplation of a past summer, the ancient promontory becomes a parenthetical projection of frantic lines and alternating impressions. Synopsis: “Parenthesis”, a short impressionistic poem, liberates the inserted thought from its master. The film’s mirrored beginning and ending render the inserted material, not as an explanation or afterthought but rather as the dominant point where the natural and civilized worlds claim their separate space before colliding, as the continual breathing of the sea becomes increasingly intense and urgent. Whatever may be going on in the outside world is kept at bay by the visual parentheses.

O MÀ !

Ange-Marie is a 45 years old fisherman in Cap Corse in Corsica. He lives with his brother and his old mother in a secluded place, where women are becoming scarce. One day, on returning from fishing, Ange-Marie finds himself alone on the “cow beach” and sees three beautiful swimmers. The image of these women then haunts him and draws him out to sea.


A factory worker assembles an enigmatic machine that produces liquid drops from the moonlight.


Aviva (60) knows that she will never be skinny. But an Actress, perhaps.