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THE FRAME (Çerçeve)

In a modern art museum, a painting brought for display is mistakenly hanged by the museum staff. End of day, museum staff notices her mistake and corrects the frame. But the visitors who come throughout the day, determine the value of the work, even though they do not know that the Frame upside down


Enclosed space. A feeling arises between Artur and Julia. Love, despite many limitations, wants to escape beyond the walls. The battle begins from the very first moment. Their victory seems inevitable. Can something stop them?

NOW (Nå)

A visual poem made during self-isolation in 2020


Últimas Ondas is a travel in the lost villages of northern Spain, meeting the last people who live in these deserted places.


Created in and inspired by Covid-19 lockdown – Shopping Trip tells the story of a long man who braves the outside world to go shopping.


A man sitting in a bar munches pistachio nuts to kill time. Another man browses through a magazine, looking for interesting topics and keeping up to date with the world. The barman follows his routine, not caring about his customers. Second chapter of a trilogy with poems by Attilio Lolini.


A world where personal freedom is persecuted, where propaganda communication feeds on the oxymoron of armed peace and private workers work on the assembly line to build female robots that will destroy anyone who opposes.


In a world not unlike ours, Noemè is being ripped of her identity and pushed to the margins of society. Along with one like her, she’s on the escape from the crushing forces of a city that is no longer hers. With vibrant illustrations and a dense score, the animated short film depicts the pursuit of a new self and draws a picture of hope in a world full of desperation.


The replica of a ancient temple. In it, the figures of a binary world view frozen into statues until their moment of awakening.