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Electric sheep? No, androids actually dream of art…
CLIMB is a comic animated sci-fi short about modern art and the quest for its appreciation.

After spectacularly crashing out of her day job, Maggie, a low-cost, Tenzing model mountain droid, sets out on a journey back to her roots. In her AI, despite extended database and somewhat limited vocabulary, she was built to climb. Guided by Blue, a rather playful Morpho butterfly in a surreal landscape, Maggie discovers for herself some of the pillars of 20th century modern art and architecture, along with the pitfalls of the butterfly effect. Will she find her true calling and become a full-time modern art lover along the way?

In the spirit of absurdist fiction, CLIMB also pays homage to classic Looney Tunes themes and characters, along with lots of music and a comic book graphic style.


When social distancing goes wrong…

Violence against Women

Adolescent Mental Health

13.13.13 An Archaelogy of a City

13.13.13 An Archaeology of a City.

The short film 13.13.13 An Archaeology of a City captures in thirteen-minutes, thirteen months of life in the city of Athens during the earlier part of the pandemic, from the ‘Great Lockdown’ in March 2020 to the slow easing of restrictions in early Spring 2021.

The film is a cinematographic essay where the artist captures the experience of the dynamics/ clashes of a city, as a compression of time and space, diversity living side by side.

The film is a treatise on the female, Latin migrant identity of the artist whose sense of ‘otherness’ was heightened during the isolation of the pandemic.

When film crews unable to operate, the film was created with what was at hand, the old handy-cam, dusted off from the cupboard and easy to make invisible and incorporate into the rules regulating our presence in open spaces. This simple strategy allowed for walking and listening, and looking, and finding triggering a process of reflection on the ‘unravelling’ of time, and the strangeness of spaces marked by a dichotomy between the claustrophobic personal and the dizzying open space, between light and shadow, between inhabitation and isolation.

The beginning of 2022 when the film was edited marks thirteen years since the artist moved to Athens. This is alluded to in the final 13 of the 13.13.13 in the audio: the audio works through thirteen years of writings intertwined with a 13-minute sound walk.

The soundwalk and images were captured in their entirety in the neighbourhood of Kypselis, Athens.

Haus C19

In the past year, our everyday life changed massively in connection with the Covid-19 measures. The social retreat into one’s own domesticity became an officially ordered way of life. Only at night does life behind your own four walls become visible to others. The installation “House C 19” takes up this life with video night shots of a fictional house with three windows in the style of a graphic novel.


Romane and Clemence are between 25 and 30 years old, they are sisters and live together. Romane has to look after Clémence, who is disabled since they had a car accident, when teenagers. Romane was not hurt, but Clemence had a cerebral vascular accident which lets her completely unable to speak and to walk in a normal way.
One night, while Clemence is asleep, Romane decides to go out. That night, she will get back home late with Guillaume, her new boyfriend. Day after day, Guillaume will gradually feel invested in a duty : make Clemence recover her speech and the use of her legs. But over the days, the complicity between Clemence and Guillaume will become more and more unbearable for Romane.

Vlada Goes to London

Vlada is a pizza delivery girl who lives in Haifa and dreams of becoming a famous DJ. Within a five-hour shift, we get a glimpse into her world full of pressure where she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find the money for a flight to perform at a festival in London.


Gaspard is the last man on Earth. Zeria, his grandson, is the first humain to be born on Mars.
Gaspard tells him about his life, his fears, his loves… in the hope that Zeria will come to see him before he dies… Zeria would be the first human being to return to Earth without having ever known it…


Valérie, a former top-level fencer, devotes herself to training the young people in her club. She invests a lot of hope in Hicham, a 17-year-old with a foster care background, with enormous sporting potential. As summer vacation arrives, Valerie learns that Hicham is considering leaving the club.