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Bimbizangan Movie: The Musical

Synopsis: Bimbizangan means “Butterfly” in the Kadazan language, a First Nation community, for the state of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It represents a girl or a crush. In this movie Tracie is heart broken from the actions of her boyfriend Carl whom many thought had cheated on Tracie. This leads to Tracie becoming a “bimbizangan” to new friend Ronald. Hazel is also a “bimbizangan” for Ronald and everyone is living in a small community of a village called Kohizan where Ronald’s mother has a family run business of making distilled rice wine called “Talak” in the Kadazan language; while Tracie’s dad love to sip this traditional concoction made by her. Hazel always supported Ronald’s dream even though his new crush is Tracie and Tracie seems to be forever in love with Carl no matter what people say about Carl. Will Carl’s dream of marrying Tracie comes true in the end?


A series of conversation between two individuals who come from different class, age, gender and beliefs. Yet throughout this unlikely journey they find how much similarities they share and together they learn to appreciate life but at what cost?

Space Walkers

Quechua’s natives are getting ready for White Man, a time-traveler and explorer who crashed his ship. He came back to take the Quechuas on an interstellar trip.

First Love

Overview:The theme of the story is first love. The film depicts a variety of first loves, but the happily ever after begins to take an unsettling turn, and the first love takes a sudden turn in an unexpected direction. The film is a story in which 17 actors were initially chosen, and then cast in roles and written for each actor based on his or her individuality.

Synopsis:The story is about the ensemble drama depicting several “first color ≈ first love”. Yasuko, a former teacher, is reunited with her pupils for the first time in 10 years and spends a brief, happy time with them. One of her students, Tsuyoshi, adores Yasuko more than anyone else. Fuyumi is given a ring for the first time in her life and develops a liking for the man. The story is about the first loves of the little people who live and breathe in the town.


Mikhail Fagotov is a veterinarian on a cow farm.
During a standard check, he discovers a strange cows pathology — a purple shade of the eyes.
Assuming that it may be a new virus, he asks the boss to quarantine the farm and continue the research.
The head of the farm refuses.
Fagotov tries to solve the problem on his own, which leads to irreversible psychophysiological changes.


Anton is a medical student. He is preparing for exams and also having fun with his class-mates. But on Tuesdays and Fridays, Anton have to take the most important exam of his live.

The Maiden Tower

“To love is not to look at one another, it is to look, together, in the same direction.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Every person at least once in their lifetime encounters a soul mate — “their kind of man”. But indecision or new types of relations that society forces us to follow, as well as the desire to keep up with everyone, do not allow us to see this person. Sometimes, in vain hope to reach some false ideals, we manage not to notice this kindred spirit, no matter how close he/she is.

The plot of the film called “Maiden Tower” tells about a casual acquaintance of two different people, each of them having their own personal relationships. However, during the acquaintance, both of them realize that they have met “their kind of man.”

The Sound of Memories

After her sister Yoon-ju’s mysterious death, Yoon-hee tries to remember the time in their youth. Yoon-hee strolls lakeside and struggles to be take her sister’s part as an actor. With highly-elated anxiety, she passes by forest and finds herself at a waterfall. Is she going to be released from a sense of guilt?

Saahasi: Dateline Singapore

Featuring Singapore-based actors like Veena Puthran Bangera, Rachna Anand, Gurdip Singh, Nidhi Chopra Khanna, Pankaj Kumar, Neil Daswani, Edmund Chow, Hannah Wong, Jawahar Kanjilal and Tejas Chitaliya, Saahasi: Dateline Singapore is a bold take on the changing ethos of journalism.

Set in the backdrop of a gang rape victim who is brought to Singapore from India for medical treatment, the film explores the clash of values between old journalism and new journalism, which is more aggressive and TRP-driven, through two characters, Gurdip and Garima.


Russia. Buryatia. Inverno. Il fratello maggiore, un criminale, trascina il minore, Kasha, in una pericolosa avventura. Deve recuperare una pietra incredibilmente costosa, una giada, dal fondo di un fiume. Kasha, che ha appena smesso di drogarsi, ha la possibilità di guadagnare bene e di dimostrare al fratello maggiore che è diventato un vero uomo. Non fa in tempo a innamorarsi di Asya, una ragazza drogata che ruba il denaro destinato alla spedizione per ottenere la pietra. Tuttavia, non può più abbandonare la ragazza e la porta con sé nella speranza di liberarla dalla sua dipendenza. Lo zio Kolya, ex sommozzatore militare e ora becchino, viene chiamato ad aiutare nell’immersione.