Short, Drama, Thriller
Orlando Cicilia III
United States

Bill arrives home early from work to surprise KAREN, his wife. He sets out some wine and cheese as he preps for her arrival. Bill notices their anniversary frame, which Karen has been nagging him to hang. He grabs a hammer, a previously engraved gift from Karen, and some nails to put it up. As he is preparing to hang the frame, he hears a noise coming from upstairs. He goes to investigate. The closer he gets, the louder the sound becomes: the unmistakable sounds of lust. From outside his bedroom he sees, what appears to be, Karen with another man, in his bed. Panicked and disgusted, he goes back to the kitchen. As his anger rises, all of his memories become tainted by the betrayal he feels. Succumbing to his emotions, he grabs the hammer and heads towards the bedroom. Bill bursts into the room and violently kills the two people in his bed. In a state of shock, he proceeds to hang the frame on the wall. At that moment, Karen walks in. Unaware, she asks if her sister and fiancé had arrived yet. Still in shock, Bill stays silent. Karen heads up stairs and discovers the bodies. As she frantically makes her way back down, Bill grabs the hammer and walks toward her.