Street Opera

Experimental, Short
Arjan Onderdenwijngaard
5,500 EUR

A Street Opera created with the sounds, both rhythmic and vocal of 35 Indonesian street vendors.

Once upon a time in the neighborhood of Depok Mulya I, part of the megapolitan Greater Jakarta with a population of 30 million, street vendors start to sell their products and offer their services to the residents from dawn. But this day something is not as usual.
Mrs. Harti, the Greengrocer is witness of what seems to be a flirt between Mr. Jajang Wahyu the Drying Rack vendor and Mrs. Ita who sells her Homemade Snacks to the residents. Then Mr. Saipul Anwar, the Secondhand Stuff and Junk Collector turns up who does not agree with what he sees. Slowly things get out of hand. Mrs. Ita and Mr. Jajang Wahyu seem not able to explain that actually nothing is going on. No more than innocent smalltalk. But Mr. Saipul Anwar doesn’t believe what he is told. Their quarrel cathes the attention of the regular vendors of the neighborhood who gather and start to interfere and shout their comments in front of Mrs. Harti and some residents. Finally Mr. Saimar the senior Tape vendor takes control and tells everyone to shut up, stop fighting and return home. At dusk peace returns to the neighborhood and it’s back to normal.