The Answer/La Respuesta

Birna Avila
4,000 USD

Laura, a young professional, has a job interview. She has been rejected many times. Laura is ready to show her academic achievements; however, the interviewer asks her a simple question: What is your dream? She does not know what to answer and leaves the interview frustrated.
Laura lives with her parents. She is discouraged, another excuse for her suffering. To see her diplomas hanging on the wall breaks Laura’s soul.
Surprisingly, Laura is invited again to finish the interview. During the meeting, Laura makes connections between her own story and the dream she must find to solve the central question. Laura begins to reinterpret her life but still does not get the answer; however, she is allowed to take the job on a trial period. All the reflections she has made bring to light her reality from a different perspective. On the day she begins at work, Laura begins to change and to be at peace with herself. On the way to her new job, she embarks on an emotional journey where she can restore the optics of her life. Laura will find answers in the simple daily things and will finish her trip in a way that helps us remember that the present is a gift.