The Source-poster
Short, Drama
William S. Touitou
8000 EUR

A terrible attack has just struck Paris. Aimed at the entrance of a synagogue, it caused the death of fourteen people, including 8 jews, three policemen, two locals – and the terrorist himself. The police searched the family‘s appartment, located in a poor and shabby neighborhood of the parisian suburbs. Mams, a family friend, accompanies Sarah, the terrorist’s sister, and their mother back home, after they were interrogated by the counter-terrorism unit. Already exhausted by their interrogation, Sarah and her mother find their appartment completely ransacked. The mother  appears to be desperate and distressed in the middle of her unrecognizable sitting room. A long discussion then follows between mother and daughter, which will end in a confession by the mother. She confides to her daughter that she fears what people will now think, especially friends and relatives; that she feels ashamed of bearing her name –  ashamed of her own son. She also gets the impression that the media, who constantly talk about the matter, know her son better than she ever did.  Sarah tries to reassure her, without effect. She tries to stay strong and preserve her mother from any  bad thoughts.    The television is now announcing several silent processions in different french towns, in tribute to the victims. The old woman has an idea that does not please her daughter: why wouldn’t they join in themselves, to demonstrate their good faith and pay tribute to the victims?  She speaks against the french muslims‘ attitude towards these tragic events, which she considers to be way too passive. Her daughter does not agree: they don’t need to justify themselves, they have their own sorrow, their own grief, to deal with.  The mother then remembers her childhood in Algeria, when the jewish and muslim communities would live in peace, for better or worse, in spite of the difficult context. After having left Sarah with her mother, Mams joins his friends. They all grew up with Brahim, the terrorist, but were never really friends with him. Some of them seem a bit detached from what happened. Others are more concerned about their friend’s fate, and his family’s sorrow.  One question arises: are Sarah and her mother entitled to be sad from having lost Brahim in such tragic and shameful conditions? A very heated debate arises, interrupted only by this terrible news brought to them by two youngsters: Sarah and Brahim’s mother has just jumped from the sixth floor. She did not survive the fall. The entire gang races towards the building, where the locals have already formed a circle around the mum’s body. Mams exchanges a glance with Sarah, absolutely distraught by this new tragedy that has struck her life – yet again.